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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) Is Evolving: Where To Next?

Artificial Realities: How VR has Evolved and Where It Goes Next

Andrew Lucas | July 27, 2016

Virtual reality is concept borne, perhaps aptly, out of the world of science fiction. In a world where colour photographs and moving images on film were only just becoming known by the general population, already there was a desire to go one step further, to step inside the painting and visit the world being depicted before the viewer’s eyes.
Stanley Weinbaum’s fantastical short story, which depicts a man undergoing a strange experience after putting on a pair of goggles and entering another world, reads somewhat naively to an audience that understands the nature of modern-day virtual reality. At the time, however, it was pure make-believe; it would be two decades after the story’s publication before research started in earnest on the first head-tracking devices.

"Pygmalion’s Spectacles was first published in 1935 in the aptly named Wonder Stories magazine. Four years after it’s first publication it was reprinted in Startling Stories as a “classic” and it was placed in their “Scientifiction Hall Of Fame.” It was reprinted again in Fantastic Story magazine in the Spring 1955 issue. Three magazine publications is a rare occurrence for any SF story. So, what makes this story special? Well, this tale of utopia, immortality, and romance, is also, most probably, the very first story to feature the concept of virtual reality." Source;

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