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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Gigantic" 3D Printer Unveiled

Gigantic The Box 3D Printer Revealed with 2.5 m3 Build Volume, 1200 mm/sec 3D Print Speeds

Alec [] | July 18, 2016

When changing the topic to industrial 3D printing, the focus tends to completely shift to either metal or resin 3D printing. FDM 3D printing, in contrast, is seen as too slow and too inaccurate and therefore unsuitable for anything but prototyping. But FDM 3D printing does have one advantage: it is easily scaled up, and Swedish startup BLB Industries have taken full advantage of it. Their The Box 3D printer, which is currently under development, is one of the biggest 3D printers in the world and can easily 3D print anything from a pinball to a complete kitchen table. Perhaps more importantly, it’s insanely quick – 3D printing up to 6kg of plastics per hour. Could this be the manufacturing solution we’ve been waiting for?


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