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Monday, July 25, 2016

By 2040, Using Current Trends, We Won't Have Enough Electricity To Power Our Computers

Will Computers Run Out of Power? Machines Could Use More Than World's Production of Electricity by 2040

Using current trends, computers will use more energy than we produce. But computing efficiency will improve to prevent this disaster happening. And the world will never dedicate all of its energy to computing power. New ways like quantum and neuromorphic computing could solve this.

Abigail Beall | July 25, 2016

The digital boom might hit a wall within 25 years because there will not be enough electricity to power all the world's computers, experts have said.
A report has warned, if current trends continue, we will be running short of electricity to power these machines by as soon as 2040.
This means radical improvement of the energy efficiency of computers is drastically needed to enable us to keep increasing the amount of computing power used around the world.

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<more at; related articles and links: (Rebooting the IT Revolution: A Call to Action. August 2015. [This report is based on the Rebooting the IT Revolution Workshop held march 30-31, 2015 in Washington, DC. the workshop was sponsored by Semiconductor Industry Association and Semiconductor Research Corporation and supported by the National Science Foundation.]) and (The Surprisingly Large Energy Footprint of the Digital Economy [UPDATE]. Our computers and smartphones might seem clean, but the digital economy uses a tenth of the world's electricity — and that share will only increase, with serious consequences for the economy and the environment. August 14, 2013)>

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