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Friday, July 29, 2016

British English Is Losing Out To American English

The Future Is Gray for British English: How American Spellings Are Taking over the World with Flavor, Center and defense Becoming the Norm (+Video)

English language publications began to prefer American spelling in 1880s. After World War I, the American versions became even more popular. Charts show trend for American and British English from 1800 - 2000.

Cheyenne Macdonald | July 27, 2016

British English may have come first, but around the world, the American way of spelling is now far more popular.
A recent examination of these two variants of the English language show that publications now largely use the American version, swapping words like ‘centre’ for ‘center’ after the 1880s.
According to the data, this shift was further strengthened around the time of World War I – and as the language evolved, even the British have ditched the spelling of some words for their trans-Atlantic counterparts. 



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