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Friday, June 10, 2016

MyPi: Industrial Strength Raspberry Pi

MyPi : Industrial Strength Raspberry Pi For IoT Projects

Feature rich embedded motherboard for use with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, designed for Industrial IoT applications.

Embedded Micro Technology Ltd | Estimated Delivery September 2016

A Project Born Out Of Need 
We started our journey looking for something we couldn't find, an affordable industrial style single board computer complete with IO suitable for remote sensor-to-cloud data logging applications.
We were frustrated by the lack of options available. Off-the-shelf solutions tended to be either expensive, tied into propitiatory cloud platforms, or just lacking in the core features we needed.
Faced with building a solution around multiple cards (with the knock on increase in expense and complexity), we decided to building our own board, initially as a side project, working with a clearly defined set of key requirements to keep the project focused:

  • 3G Modem for wireless Internet connectivity
  • Ethernet for local connectivity
  • Bulk storage for data logging
  • Serial ports for RS232 and RS485
  • Easily expandable IO
  • Cost effective enclosure design
  • Wide input DC power supply range
  • Industrial style connectors for IO and power


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