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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Voice View": Kindle Adapter Reads eBooks For The Visually Impaired

Amazon’s Kindle Audio Adapter Reads eBooks for the Visually Impaired

Chris Davies | May 10, 2016

Amazon has launched VoiceView for Kindle, a text-to-speech system that, with an adapter and headphones, allows visually impaired users to hear their ebooks. The new dongle will initially be available as part of a bundle with the Kindle Paperwhite, with a software update that not only allows the ebook to be read out, but the Kindle's interface to be navigated by audio prompts. too.

"After rolling out to its Fire tablets, Amazon is ready to bring VoiceView functionality to its line of devoted e-readers." Source:

<more at; related articles and links: (Guide to VoiceView) and (Amazon expands VoiceView accessibility tool for visually impaired users to the Kindle Paperwhite. May 10, 2016)>

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