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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

UAE: Let's Build A Rainmaking Mountain

The UAE Wants to Build a ‘Rainmaking Mountain’ – Are We All Ok with That?

Tim Kruger | May 9, 2016

Eglwyswrw is a real place. This village in Wales is as long on rain as it is short on vowels. Last winter, it rained for 85 days in a row, just missing out on setting the British record.
There’s a reason why it is so wet: the prevailing winds carry moisture-laden air from the Atlantic onto the Welsh hills and as the air rises it cools, losing its ability to hold as much water vapour. The water vapour condenses and falls as sweet, refreshing rain – though I imagine the people of Eglwyswrw may have been employing somewhat different adjectives just recently.

"Dubai Building a Fake Mountain to Bring Real Rain (VIDEO) UAE MEGASTRUCTURES 2016" Published May 2, 2016. Source:

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