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Monday, May 23, 2016

Google Working On Cinema Grade Virtual Reality (VR) Cameras With IMAX

Google is Working with IMAX on Cinema Grade VR Cameras

Scott Hayden | May 19, 2016

Google Jump, a 360 camera system and processing software platform announced at last year’s Google I/O, is adding IMAX and Yi Technology to its roster of camera manufacturers.
Clay Bavor, Google’s VR team lead, took the stage during the I/O 2016 talk ‘VR at Google’ to tell the crowd about the company’s future addition to the Jump platform.
“Hollywood is asking us for a cinema-grade Jump camera. And we’re going to build them one – with IMAX,” Bavor told the crowd. “[IMAX] is going to be bringing their decades of experience, camera design, optics, sensors and more to Jump, and we’re incredibly excited what we’re going to do with them.”

GoPro Odissey
"Google is getting ready to expand its virtual reality (VR) hardware partnerships." Pictured is Google’s current JUMP VR video editing platform. Source:
IMAX is anticipating 10-minute VR films for audiences. Source:

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