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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Teaching Kids To Code

Teaching Kids to Code
Learnings from a hackathon with kids, part 2
Josefin [] | April 29, 2016

[Blogger's note: Part 1 of this story appeared as Learnings from a hackathon with kids at]
Two weeks ago, Spotify wrote an open letter to the Swedish government demanding that politicians reform the education plan to include programming in elementary school.
Sweden needs to foster new coding talent early on in order to keep up with competition on the global market. Handicraft is still mandatory in Swedish school — programming isn’t.
I agree with Spotify, but we don’t want to wait for the government to take action. We have now held our second hackathon for kids. This time, we visited a public school in Stockholm to teach a class of fourth graders the basics of coding and design.

"Coding at Kenmore – Help kids learn to code." Source:

<more at; related articles and links: (The Danger of Requiring Computer Science in K-12 Schools. April 15, 2014) and (Can America’s Schools Really Teach Every Kid to Code?
President Obama recently renewed the call for computer science education, but resources—and teachers—are in short supply. January 21, 2016)>

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