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Friday, December 4, 2015

Virtual Reality (VR) Films

What It Takes To Make Virtual Reality Films, Part 1

VR filmmakers Felix & Paul share insights on virtual reality and user-first filmmaking.
Guest author Emily Atwater works in content strategy at digital agency Huge. She wrote this piece with her colleague Gina Pensiero, who works in content strategy at SoundCloud. 

Emily Atwater | December 1, 2015

Digital creatives working in UX (user experience), tech and strategy are constantly putting themselves in the shoes of users to understand their motivations and struggles within a digital experience. That experience is usually confined to the limits of a desktop, mobile, or tablet, but as augmented and virtual reality hardware continues to improve, boundaries are shifting and expanding. The way we weave a story and build a relationship with our users will only get more immersive, opening up new territory.

VR company Jaunt is starting a virtual reality movie studio. Source:

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