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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Internet And Advice Columns

How the Internet Changed Advice Columns

It’s easier than ever for people to dispense advice to strangers—and to see themselves reflected in the letter-writers asking for help.

Hannah Finnie | December 15, 2015

[...] For most of the 20th century, that was the typical advice-column model: Write into a newspaper, wait for an authority figure to address your query. Not all had the Bintel Brief’s focus on immigration, but all generally had the same sort of hierarchical concept—here was an institution, helping people conform to a certain idea of a good life.
Today, the advice-column field feels both more populated and more intimate. While traditional staples like Dear Abby and Ask Amy remain, other, newer columns have proliferated across the Internet to cater to a wide diversity of readers. Even celebrities like Molly Ringwald and Lena Dunham are doling out advice of their own. [...]


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