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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Robot Car Can Go Up Walls And Drive On Ceiling

Disney's Robot Car Drives Up Walls

The VertiGo Doesn't Stop Just Because You've Run Out of Ground.

Jon Fingas | December 29, 2015

As clever as robotic cars may be, they have one obvious disadvantage over flying drones: their journey stops the moment they run into a wall. Disney Research and ETH Zurich have a clever workaround, however. Their prototype VertiGo robot uses two tilting propellers to drive up walls, adjusting its thrust to stick to the surface even if it has to travel over uneven surfaces like bricks. The result, as you'll see below, is uncanny -- all it takes is a quick push from the propellers to have this machine defying gravity.



<more at; related links: (Disney reveals ‘SPIDERCAR’ that can climbs walls and even drive on the ceiling. Project by Disney and ETH Zurich can drive on ground and climb up walls. VertiGo robot features two propellers on back which allow upward motion. It can drive smoothly on a vertical surface and, theoretically, on the ceiling. December 29, 2015) and (Disney’s VertiGo Combines Car, Helicopter to Drive Up Walls. December 29, 2015)>

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