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Monday, December 7, 2015

Robots And The Ageing Population

From Robo-Toys to Mechanical Bears: Your Future Carers May Be Robots

Japanese firms are betting on robots to look after our ageing populations in the future

Samuel Gibbs et al. | December 3, 2015

Robot carers will be the next big thing coming out of Japan, if Toyota, Honda and other firms ploughing money into robo-helpers are to be believed.
From robotic toys that simulate pets for companionship, to big mechanical bears that can physically carry you between beds and wheelchairs – all with a friendly smile – the robots aren’t only coming to take your jobs, but to take care of older people too.
Japan’s Honda is arguably one of the world’s leaders in at-home robotics, with Asimo its flagship mini-humanoid. But now Japanese automotive firm Toyota is attempting to thrust itself into the growing market of robotic caring with a Silicon Valley partnership.

What difference can robots make to the lives of elderly people living alone? Robots can help with cleaning and other tasks, thus reducing the work that elderly people might have to do in their own homes; a special category of robots can even offer a form of companionship. Source:

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