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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back Seat Driver: Using Brain Power

Chinese Researchers Unveil Brain Powered Car (+Video)

Reuters | December 7, 2015

[Blogger's note: Currently a research project with no immediate plans to go into vehicle production.]
China's first mind-controlled car has been developed by researchers in the north-east port city of Tianjin.
Chinese researchers have developed what they say is the country's first car that uses nothing but brain power to drive.
The research team from Nankai University, in the north-eastern Chinese port city of Tianjin, has spent two years bringing the mind-controlled vehicle to reality.

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<more at; related links: (The Future Of Driving? Combining The Driverless Car With Mind Control, Chinese Researchers Say. December 8, 2015) and (Semi-Autonomous Car Control Using Brain Computer Interfaces. Daniel Gohring, David Latotzky, Miao Wang, and Raúl Rojas. 
Intelligent Autonomous Systems 12. Volume 194 of the series Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing pp 393-408. 2013. 10.1007/978-3-642-33932-5_37. [Abstract: In this paper we present an approach to control a real car with brain signals. To achieve this, we use a brain computer interface (BCI) which is connected to our autonomous car. The car is equipped with a variety of sensors and can be controlled by a computer. We implemented two scenarios to test the usability of the BCI for controlling our car. In the first scenario our car is completely brain controlled, using four different brain patterns for steering and throttle/brake. We will describe the control interface which is necessary for a smooth, brain controlled driving. In a second scenario, decisions for path selection at intersections and forkings are made using the BCI. Between these points, the remaining autonomous functions (e.g. path following and obstacle avoidance) are still active. We evaluated our approach in a variety of experiments on a closed airfield and will present results on accuracy, reaction times and usability])>

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