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Friday, May 6, 2016

Forensic Architecture

The Walls Have Eyes: Buildings Reveal the Conflict They Witness (+Video)

Eyal Weizman is pioneering the art and science of "forensic architecture", to reveal the true extent of state-sponsored violence

Clare Wilson | May 4, 2016

What is forensic architecture?
I look at conflict from a spatial perspective. My colleagues and I analyse the ruins of buildings or terrain to reconstruct what has taken place. We are like pathologists. Forensic Architecture is also the name of a research agency that I established in 2010. We investigate urban conflict and state-perpetrated violence. Increasingly, we also respond to commissions from international prosecutors, human rights groups and others.
Why is there a need for this?
It has become important because most wars are now taking place in cities, most civilians die in buildings and therefore buildings become evidence.

"Data-driven, participatory fact mapping for conflict monitoring, citizen journalism, and human rights research." Source:

"Data-Driven, Particaptory Fact Mapping for Investigative Journalism." Source:

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