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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Exploits Against Microsoft Windows Using 'God Mode' (Windows Master Control Panel)

Hackers Are Exploiting ‘God Mode’ in Microsoft Windows to Hide Their Malware, According to McAfee and Intel

[] | May 1, 2016

The God Mode – or Windows Master Control Panel shortcut – is an undocumented feature built into all versions of Windows since Vista. It allows users to set up a special folder that gives them quick access to all Windows control panels and settings, like My Computer or their printers folder.
But says McAfee research architect Craig Schmugar in a 26 April blog: “Attackers are now using this undocumented feature for evil ends.”
McAfee has found an instance of the Dynamer Trojan hidden inside a shortcut folder. The malware is  crafted to survive reboots, and when the unsuspecting user checks the folder where the malware is hidden, they are shown a window that contains no files.

Standard Windows 10 'God Mode' control panel

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