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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fixing Copyright

Tech, Trade, and Library Groups Form Copyright Mega-Coalition

Rob Stott | May 6, 2015

The Re:Create Coalition brings together various groups from the technology, trade, and library industries. The alliance will advocate for less-stifling copyright laws that foster innovation.

A group of library, technology, and trade organizations have joined together to advocate for simpler and more transparent copyright laws.

In a statement, members of the Re:Create Coalition said that more balanced copyright policies that depart from the overprotective laws currently in place, would allow for greater innovation in knowledge creation and product development.
This is perfect timing for us to be together and talk about [copyright law] issues, and have a coordinated voice.

Copyright coalitions are nothing new, but the group believes that it is likely the largest and most representative to ever come together. Members include the American Library Association, Association of Research Libraries (ARL), Consumer Electronics Association, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Electronic Frontier Foundation, Computer and Communications Industry Association, and Media Democracy Fun, among several others.

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