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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can You Search Handwritten Text in a Browser?

A Google for Handwriting

Josefin Svensson | April 28, 2015

To be able to use computers to analyse and search handwritten texts would revolutionise research in the humanities. And the technology to digitise printed books and make them searchable already exists.
Uppsala University library has recently launched a digital platform—Alvin—where digitised works from cultural heritage collections are now being collected into a single database. With just a few clicks it will be possible to search collections, opening up new possibilities for researchers and other interested parties.
'The works are searchable, for example via Google, which means you can go back over historical materials and find new angles. The texts don't need to be consulted on site either, which provides greater accessibility', says Per Cullhed, development strategist at Uppsala University library.

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