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Monday, February 8, 2016

Amazon Vision For A New Kind Of Retail

We May Have Just Uncovered Amazon’s Vision for a New Kind of Retail Store

Jason Del Rey | March 30, 2015

Amazon perfected online shopping. It may now want to do the same with brick-and-mortar stores.
A recently filed patent application by Amazon reveals details about a new kind of retail establishment that would allow shoppers to pick items and leave without stopping at a cashier station or kiosk.
Based around the idea of complete convenience, such a store would work using a system of cameras, sensors or RFID readers that would be able to identify shoppers and the items they’ve chosen, according to the application, which was filed in September and published in January. The technology would also potentially give Amazon a more cost-effective way to compete with traditional retailers by operating a store that doesn’t require cashiers and could similarly serve as a place to pick up online orders.


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