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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Policing The Dark Web For Stolen Data

The Spider That Crawls the Dark Web Looking for Stolen Data

A start-up alerts organizations when their sensitive information pops up for sale online.

Kaveh Waddell | February 22, 2016

When police officers respond to a theft or a mugging, they’ll usually ask for the serial numbers of any valuable electronics that were taken. Those identifiers can help police know if a stolen item turns up at a local pawn shop, in a second-hand store, or on eBay. In many states, resellers have to check the serial numbers of certain items against a registry of stolen goods when the items come in.
But it’s a lot harder to track a stolen database of personal information, which can contain everything from names and addresses to financial details and fingerprints.

Fingerprint Database Runs on MapR. Source:

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  1. The dark web is becoming stronger they are hacking our data and I don't believe that the blockchain can save us completely.