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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Very High-Tech Football Stadium

Levi's Stadium Mobile App

The Levi’s® Stadium app will enhance your game day experience with features including mobile tickets and parking passes, mobile ordering of food and beverages, wayfinding to navigate around the building, and a “game center” for high-definition video replays.
Using your Levi’s® Stadium app is simple! Did you know you can can now enter the parking lot and stadium using your mobile device which will link to your Levi’s® Stadium Account Manager. Simply sign into your account and scan your phone at our kezars! 

Order food from your seat and wait for it to be delivered right to you. Follow the Monitors that use Bluetooth to help you find restrooms and your shortest path back to your seat. Source:

Website at; related links: (Silicon Valley’s 49ers show off the ‘best high-tech stadium in the world’ (photo gallery. September 7, 2014) and (Behind the Scenes at the San Francisco 49ers’ New High Tech Stadium. September 5, 2014); further: (We tried the San Francisco 49ers app that lets you deliver food to your seat — and it might be the future of live sporting events. September 27, 2015)>

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