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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finland's Free Wi-Fi Nearly Everywhere

What Helsinki Can Teach America about the Internet

Daniel Faris | June 30, 2015

...Which is pretty much the opposite approach the government in Helsinki, Finland, is taking to connectivity. Believe it or not, the Finnish capital city is nearly blanketed with free Wi-Fi hotspots. And they’re not just the kind of hotspots you can connect to and access content like it was 1997. No, these Wi-Fi connections—which don’t require users to input any personal identification, but do features warnings about the dangers of public networks—are plug-and-play solutions that give users the ability to download and upload content quicker than many Americans can do in their own homes. You can even stream high-definition video!

        Coverage in Yellow

<more at; related link: (Fast Internet access becomes a legal right in Finland)>

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