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Monday, April 4, 2016

New Augmented Reality Windshield From Toyota

Toyota Patents New Augmented Reality Windshield Tech

Toyota's system dynamically moves driver information around to the optimal spot.

Angela Moscaritolo | March 30, 2016

Windshields may be getting a smart upgrade in the future, if Toyota has anything to do with it.
According to Autoblog, the Japanese automaker has patented augmented reality windshield technology that could keep you better informed about what's up ahead. Automotive head-up displays already show things like speed and navigation directions on the windshield, the report notes, but Toyota's patent takes this a step further: it dynamically moves information around to the optimal spot.


<more at; related links and articles: (Toyota patents augmented-reality windshield. Going by the patent filing, its main goal appears to be a better representation of a vehicle's width in a lane. March 29, 2016) and (Toyota patents dynamic augmented reality windshield tech. March 28, 2016)>

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